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Are you or your organization prepared for a successful fundraiser experience? Start here with our Checklist designed to help you establish all the basic elements to consider BEFORE you begin your fundraising efforts (please print it and use it as your worksheet).

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  • Youth Activities & Field Trips
  • Senior Groups & Events
  • Organizational Events
  • Emergent Family Needs
  • Investment Capital
  • Organizational Scholarships
  • Family Vacations
  • Family Vacations
  • Organizational Grants
  • Community Events

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We will assign you a sponsor from our team, provide you with additional information and get you started.

Our website provides a great network of information, no cost fundraising opportunities, website links and resources in areas such as basic budgeting, financial management for individuals, families and organizations that benefit the community.

How To Prepare For A Successful Fundraiser Experience

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Basically how it works, MSK-P2P Enterprises Team will provide you the step-by-step tools you will need to conduct a fundraiser via your family or organization.