Our eBook is user-friendly, comprehensive, self-contained and includes a variety of additional free resources. We provide a Package/Suite for you that includes our eBook. The cost is an affordable $25.00 and available within minutes of us receiving the funds.

What is in our eBook?

Our eBook is an intelligent investment for any individual seeking to learn how to incorporate real-time change in their existing budget.

Basically the goal is to present a no cost workshop  opportunity that is conducted by your organization or family to support fundraising efforts. MSK-P2P Enterprises will donate 100% of the profit ($15.00) per each purchase

(made by a workshop participant) to the organization conducting the workshop.

This concept is designed to provide the opportunity to generate funds by partnering with MSK-P2P Enterprises Team. We have created an eBook,  and all the supporting materials to support a workshop. Our support also include this dedicated website consisting additional resources. 

Our budget management worksheets provides you with real-time way to manage and discover funds within your existing budget . These are the same worksheets in our eBook and provided at the fundraiser workshop you attended. Basically click on the worksheet of choice and print it so you can work on it at your leisure.  

The best starting point  for determining which letters you will be preparing is with our Letter Preparation Worksheet 101. 

To use the sample letters, copy and paste the letter. 

Replace the bold items with your specific, personal information. Feel free to reword the letter to make it unique to your situation and so it does not appear to be copy and pasted from the internet

Please note that these samples does not constitute legal advice – it’s only a guide for you to use when drafting your own letter

Remember to double check your spelling and when possible have a trusted individual review your letter before you send it.

eBook & Workshop Fundraising Opportunity

Budget Management 101 Worksheets

Basic Credit Repair Sample Letter(s)